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To the editor:

I am wondering if anyone knows why the girls fields especially the varsity field at Coginchaug is not usable. Already the high school has had to move one game to the junior varsity field and have not been able to practice on the varsity field. It amazes me how nice the boys field is. One person says it is little leagues place then the next says it is the districts place to maintain the field. Personally I think it is high time these fields got prepared properly so our female athletes can play. We need them fixed and fixed immediately. Imagine how it looks to towns we play against when our varsity field is not usable. I would like to know how much is supposed to be spent on these fields every year and why the drainage issues are not addressed with the varsity field? The time has come to fix what needs fixed especially when the budget increases annually and the student population drops. Is there anyone out there who will answer this. I wonder is there a contract with Coginchaug little league and what are their responsibilities. If anyone can answer, this I would be very happy to tap the responsible person on the shoulder and say let’s get this job done. We have some amazing athletes both male and female and they all deserve to be treated the same with top of the line areas to do their sport.

Lori Helmedach


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