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Letters to the editor, April 11, 2014

Trash discussion

To the editor:

Durham recycles roughly 30 percent of its trash. For every ton diverted from the waste stream, the town saves money in waste hauling. Both the taxpayers and the earth benefits from recycling. Most of us know this, but are less clear on the actual practices involved. Does Durham accept juice boxes? Is styrofoam acceptable in the plastics bin? Did you know that there is now an electronics bin for old computers, cell phones and printers? On April 12, at 3 p.m., at the Durham Public Library members of DMIAAB will discuss what is happening at the transfer station, the effects of legislation and regulations at the state or federal level, considerations of the “pay to throw” policies and other matters being discussed by the board. Come learn what issues are facing our town in dealing with the trash we produce each week and issues that arise before the board.

Karen Cheyney

Vice-chair Durham Democratic Town Committee

Local doctors preferred

To the editor:

The article about “Saving patient/doctor relationship” by State Sen. Len Fasano struck a cord with me. I am a cancer, orthopedic and oncologist patient. I have to go for my treatments once a month for the cancers and I have appointments with my orthopedic and physical therapy.

I am lucky that I’m able to go to local doctors for treatment and therapy and X-rays now and I would like to keep it that way. Because I’m disabled and have to use a walker to get around, it would be a great inconvenience to me to have to travel very far with my condition.

Yale-New Haven isn’t the only hospital buying our private practicing physicians.

I just hope my Democratic representative are listening and reading this letter.

Michael Augeri


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