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Letters to the Editor - July 5

New chapter

To the editor:

The last 28 years have flown by with a lifetime of memories from working at Regional District 13. I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude for all of your support over so many years. My father could never understand how it came to pass that I found a “real” job that allowed me to wear jeans, hike in the forests, catch insects, frogs and snakes and get paid. I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of children and so many wonderful adults. I learned from and was challenged by all of you, too. This school district is unique in that it supports a tremendous IT department while also supporting real-life experiences and learning in the natural world.

The Outdoor Education Center has been in District 13 since 1977 and the reins have been turned back over to Lorrie Martin, who will continue to work with the children of Durham and Middlefield, instilling in them that all important sense of wonder and understanding of all that we share on this planet. It is not often that one gets to retire still loving to come to work each day, so I feel especially fortunate.

Thank you all and I will continue to follow your news as I begin the next chapter in my life. I know I will miss you.

Marcy Klattenberg Outdoor Education Teacher for District 13

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