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In addition to youth-oriented activities such as the summer reading program and story times, the Durham Public Library has many summer offerings for adults.

Laughter Yoga, movies, a medium and more

While the school vacation crowds and the summer reading desk staffed by young volunteers near the entrance may make it seem like all the Durham Public Library programs are directed towards the younger crowd in the summer, the Durham Public Library has announced several programs for the older group.

For starters, the summer reading program is for adults as well. While the children involved in the program get weekly prizes, adults can enter a ticket at the desk for every book they have read for a raffle prize.

The grand prize drawing for adults will be held Saturday, Aug. 9 at 4:45 p.m., and the winner will receive dinner for two at the Time Out Tavern followed by dessert at Dari Serv. Adults can sign up at

Adults can also take part in Laughter Yoga. According to Library Director Trish Connelly, “Laughter Yoga is a seemingly silly series of verbal exercises intended to make people laugh and connect.” The program will take place Saturday, July 19 at 2:30 p.m. with instructor Laura Le.

In a press release, Connelly explains, “Dr. Madan Kataria, created laughter yoga in the mid-1990s. Kataria knew about the health benefits of laughing -- stress relief, lower blood pressure, strengthened immunity -- and wanted to spread them.”

The program, sponsored by the Public Association of Library Supporters, will use “exercises and role-playing to evoke mirth.”

Another slightly outside the mainstream program was slated to take place at the library Thursday, July 10. Sydney Sherman, described as a medium, was to host a presentation titled, “Understanding your Senses: Learning to Understand the Energies Around You.”

According to the library’s website, Sherman will discuss misinformation about the afterlife and direct people to use their own senses without a medium or psychic. “Sherman will demonstrate and explain how everyone can learn to recognize the difference between spiritual interactions and common environmental effects, all by using their own innate senses,” the website reads.

In the tech world, the library will continue to offer Tech Help sessions to help adults with electronic devices such as iPads and e-books. Tech Help is available by appointment.

The library has also re-tooled its Thursday movie matinée. After starting in the spring with classic movies, the Durham Public Library will showcase contemporary, Oscar-nominated movies Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. throughout the summer. With a series of R-rated movies, the library lists the movie program for those over 18.

The list of movies is available at the library or on its website and includes much-discussed movies such as “American Hustle” (July 17), “Gravity” (July 31), and “Dallas Buyers Club” (August 7). One of the movies in the summer rotation, “Nebraska” (July 24), is, like many of the movies in the first rotation, in black and white.

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