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Corporate role

To the editor:

Corporations, being artificial entities, do not pay taxes; instead, customers, employees (including officers) and/or stockholders pay the taxes. Thus, corporations are really tax collectors for local, state, and federal governments. As such, corporations catch blame for the cost of these ex-actions, which censure should be directed to elected, legislative and executive politicians.

Howard B. Field III


Fields are fixed

To the editor:

I couldn’t agree with Mrs. Helmedach more (Letter to the Editor, Town Times, April 18) that our kids deserve “top of the line areas to do their sport.” This is why we have again made a significant investment to improve the girls’ fields that happened before your letter published. Every year, Coginchaug Little League spends thousands of dollars and numerous volunteer hours to make fields playable. CLL is fully responsible for the maintenance of the Atwell and Herzog fields, however the Varsity and JV fields are managed by the school district.

This hasn’t stopped us from taking care of the fields or making large capital upgrades such as the pre-cast concrete dugouts we donated to the JV field that totaled $25,000 or the loads of infield mix we’ve purchased over the years and paid to have graded. During the winter we assessed the needs of all fields. The varsity field required an investment of $4,000, we also paid to have the JV field graded and all fields rolled including the Varsity baseball and Babe Ruth fields. We fixed the girls’ batting cage, purchased a new net for $2,000, and bought a drag tractor dedicated to the girls’ fields.

Every year we ask the schools to contribute money towards these efforts and some years they do, but this year and last year no money was budgeted. CLL uses these fields for three months in the spring and two months in the fall whereas the school, Shoreline Sting and Women’s Softball use them throughout the entire summer. In my opinion whatever the district brings in from renting these fields should go towards annual maintenance. CLL takes pride in the fields our children play on regardless of who the care-keeper officially is. We do our share and then some to keep them this way. CLL has 11 fields to manage between Durham and Middlefield with a finite amount of money.

Tom Wenchell

President Coginchaug Little League

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