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Crafty way to make old crayons shine again

My kids always get new crayons for Christmas, so in January I’m looking for ways to get rid of the piles and piles of broken crayons in our house. Last year, I found this cute and easy craft on Pinterest, and decided to make heart-shaped crayons to give to my kids’ classmates for Valentine’s Day. They were crazy easy, so we’re making them again this year.

The hardest part of this project is peeling the paper off of the crayons. My kids are forever peeling wrappers, so I thought they would love this task. They did not. They complained, and quit after about three crayons, leaving me to grumble under my breath while I peeled, peeled, peeled. This year, I soaked the crayons in cold water for a few minutes, and the wrappers practically jumped off the crayons. The kids loved peeling wrappers off of the soaked crayons.

After peeling the crayons, break the crayons into smaller pieces. My kids were able to snap the narrow crayons themselves, and I chopped the fatter crayons with a knife.

Then, the crayon bits went into a heart-shaped mold. There are many heart-shaped silicone molds out there, and I found mine at Target for about $3. Make sure you get the kind that is heat resistant, because the ice cube trays look very similar, but will melt all over your oven. The one I have can be used to make larger molds by setting it right side up, or smaller molds by turning it upside down and using the heart-shaped indent on the bottom. We’ve made them both ways.

You can either group your colors or throw them into the molds haphazardly. I’m partial to the color grouping, but my kids like the mixed color look, so we have both in our batches. Cook the crayons for about 10 minutes at 300 degrees, or until all the bits are melted.

Let the crayons cool about 15 minutes or so, and when they’ve hardened, pop the crayons out of the mold. They come out super easy.

Now the crayons are ready to be given as gifts, or shared with your neighbors and friends — and you can brag about how crafty you are.

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