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Sugarloat Terrace Executive Director Peter Sibley and resident Marion Ely. |(Charles Kreutzkamp\Town Times.)

Sugarloaf welcomes new director

Middlefield Housing Authority Alma Elder says Sugarloaf Terrace, a senior housing project managed by the Middlefield Housing Authority, is pleased with the appointment of Peter Sibley as its new executive director.

Sibley has an impressive resume, Elder said, adding that he has been a great director since he was hired Oct. 28 of last year.

Sibley was born and raised in Middlefield.

“He’s one of our own,” Elder said.

“We all like him very much. His door is always open,” said Marion Ely, a Sugarloaf Terrace resident of seven years. Ely said she likes living at Sugarloaf having moved there after the maintenance of her own home became too much to handle. The social environment at Sugarloaf is very enjoyable, Ely said. Activities in the Community Room include puzzles and bingo. “Sometimes we sit outside in the summertime,”she said.

Sibley has worked in a number of fields, including financial planning. However, he has been a property manager for most of his career and has managed office buildings as well as apartments and residences.

“It’s something that’s been in my blood,” Sibley said. He likes the duties of a property manager because it focuses on service rather than sales. Sibley was eager to return to the profession at the Housing Authority, where he previously served as a volunteer commissioner. “This job is about taking care of residents, and that’s one of the most gratifying parts of it for me,” Sibley said.

Sibley started his own business, Sibley Property Management, in 1994. The company was sold and became Wildwood Property Management in 2008. “I’m proud to know they kept all my employees, including my wife,” Sibley said.

For the next five years, Sibley worked with “a retail giant. It was one of the best jobs you can have in that environment, but it just wasn’t me,” he said.

Sibley was excited when he heard that Sugarloaf’s former executive director was moving to a different position.

Being a property manager requires understanding of business, finance, accounting, construction, and repairs. “The longer you’re in it, the easier it gets because you’ve seen every problem and there’s nothing new,” Sibley said. The work includes preparing extensive financial reports for the federal government (the entity that subsidizes the housing project), working with contractors, and managing unit maintenance. Recently, the bidding process for a new snow removal team was completed.

“That’s probably one of the most difficult parts of the job,” Sibley said of the regulatory and oversight demands of the federal government.

There is no such thing as a typical day at work — “I never know quite what’s going to happen, and that’s one of the things I really like about this job,” Sibley said.

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