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Durham election results

Republicans captured most of the votes in quiet election cycle in Durham, according to unofficial results.

Republicans Lorraine Coe and Laurie Tuttle and Democrats Martin Anderson and Molly Nolan will return to their seats on the Board of Finance, having run unopposed.

Republicans won all of the contested races. Debra DeFelice defeated Elizabeth White Booz for Board of Assessment Appeals.

While Republicans won the highest five vote totals for the Planning and Zoning Race, only Alana Adams and Lisa Davenport will be seated on P&Z due to minority representation laws and the number of Republicans already on the commission.

Joseph Pasquale, David Foley, and Christopher Flanagan will take the the remaining three seats.

Republicans David Slight and Chris DiPentima won seats on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Eric Francis won the position of Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate over Elizabeth Dougan.

According to documents provided by Kim Garvis, Durham’s Town Clerk, 1,187 voters participated out of 5,074 n the voter list, a 23 percent turnout.

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