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Multiple fire companies respond to brush fire

Fire departments from multiple area towns responded to a call from Middlefield for assistance with a brush fire in the woods west of Lake Beseck.

One fire fighter on the scene said that the fire was deep enough in the woods not to be an immediate threat to houses, but the distance from any roads made it harder to extinguish.

The call went out after 9 a.m. in the morning, Nov. 4. By noon, there were fire fighters and equipment from Durham, Westfield, Meriden, East Berlin, South Kensington, Cromwell, and Middletown, in addition to Middlefield, on the scene.

Representatives from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection also were on the scene.

The command center was originally located at the top of Kickapoo Road, the narrow, winding, and hilly road leading west from the Lake Beseck neighborhood into the woods. In the afternoon, the fire fighters on the scene were moving the command center to the Middlefield Dog Park parking lot.

The fire covered over six acres, according to the police scanners, between the Lake Beseck community and the Powder Ridge ski area, still in renovations for its planned opening. The fire was contained by early afternoon, but still smoking and still being watched for another flare up.

Roads in the area were not closed, but traffic was being directed and controlled at the intersection of Lake Road and Route 147 and at Kickapoo Road and Mattabeseck Road.

While the smell of smoke drifted through the Lake Beseck neighborhood, there was no sign of alarm in the early afternoon. Several residents did yard work while watching the out of town trucks slowly maneuver through the narrow streets and tight intersections.

The location of the fire required specialized equipment. Fire fighters unloaded multiple all terrain vehicles into the Middlefield Dog Park parking lot and coordinated the use of 500 and 1,000 foot lengths of hoses. At least one forestry tanker arrived from Haddam Neck.

With Middlefield resources devoted to the brush fire, the Middlefield station was covered by a truck from Meriden. Deputy Chief Dave Bowen from Meriden answered calls at the Middlefield station. “We can cross lines any time and work with anybody,” Bowen said. “It’s one of the good things about the job.”

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