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Three vie for Middlefield first selectman Nov. 5

There will be a third line on Middlefield’s Nov. 5 ballot. In addition to the lines for the Democratic and Republican parties, Marianne Corona will be listed as a petitioning candidate and the third option for First Selectman.

Current First Selectman Jon Brayshaw is on the ballot as the Republican candidate and current Board of Finance chair Lucy Petrella is the Democratic candidate.

In August, Corona filed the paperwork to become a petitioning candidate. According to Middlefield Town Clerk Donna Golub, third party options used to appear on ballots in Middlefield in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the First Middlefield Party fielded candidates.

Current Selectmen Ed Bailey and David Burgess are also on the ballot, as selectman candidates.

According to Golub, the first selectman will be the highest vote-getter among Brayshaw, Petrella, and Corona. The other two Board of Selectman seats will be filled by the next two highest vote-getters, whether they are on the ballot for first selectman or selectman.

“The next two [selectman] could be any one of those four people,” said Golub, referring to the two eventual unsuccessful candidates for First Selectman, along with Bailey and Burgess.

Winners of the selectman contests will serve two year terms.

There are two candidates for the Town Clerk position, current Town Clerk Golub and Kathleen Kokoszka. Two candidates are also running for the Town Treasurer position, current Treasurer Ellen Waff and Mary Ann Zieminski.

The Board of Finance has five candidates running for three seats. On the Republican line: David Lowry, Joel Nick, and Robert Yamartino are running. Laura Williams and Susan Heuberger are running as Democrats. Yamartino is currently serving on the BOF.

Although state minority representation laws can cap the number of seats filled by one party on a town board, those laws do not restrict this race. With two Democrats and one unaffiliated member staying on the BOF and the Middlefield Democrats only fielding two candidates, any three of the five candidates can win.

The voting booths will be open in the Middlefield Community Center on Nov. 5 from 6 a.m. to 8 pm. Unofficial results will be announced on election night. Sample ballots and absentee ballots are available in the Town Clerk’s office.

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