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Librarians lauded for exemplary service

This year the Regional School District 13 librarians would like to recognize the librarians at the Levi, Coe and Durham Public libraries.

Vicky Berry, Pam Wooding, Karen Gardiner and Christine Michaud deserve the Friends of Education Award because they have gone above and beyond to create a collaborative experience with our school system. These women are determined to provide services which meet the needs of our students. They have already begun aligning their workspace and been educated on ways to help support the Common Core.

With educational funds being short and demands to meet requirements high, these four women are a key to the teachers’, parents’ and students’ success in the coming years. In the past five years they have volunteered numerous hours reading, recruiting and writing questions for the Nutmeg at Night gameshow. Christine Tkaczyk and the late Melissa Albin also were on this successful endeavor and it has been a great evening for students in grades 4-­8.

These women also have stayed in touch with the school librarians and teachers to see what topics for projects and research need to be available on short notice.

Thank you to these librarians for helping the stressed and harried students and parents who rush in five minutes before closing looking for books that were all taken out three weeks prior. The staff seems to have a magic wand and can make it all appear. But, like the amazing librarians that they are, they smile and somehow, by magic, find something to appease these patrons.

We would also like to thank them for their patience with students during the 2:15-­4:30 p.m. rush. At times we know the students aren’t always well behaved, but Christine, Vicki, Pam and Karen have made connections and are there for students when they need the help. These librarians always have lists and book recommendations available to encourage students to read and their collaboration for the new summer reading program solidifies the relationship our community has with the schools.

Though these libraries are not the largest or the wealthiest, they are gems and we would like to thank these women for their outstanding job.

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