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A walk in the country

At any time of year, there’s nothing like an amble down a peaceful country road that is ablaze with life, color, or even peacefully resting in winter snows. Here are a few suggestions.

Head south on Route 79 (Madison Road), go .8 miles and turn right on Sand Hill Road. Take your first left onto Pisgah Road, where you will find yourself on a road lined with woods and very few houses. Go .5 miles and you’ll come to a farm on the left, and across from it there is a telephone pole marked with blue paint. Just a hop and a skip away is a trail marked with rocks at its beginning. This will take those who are hardy up Mount Pisgah. The incline is steep at times, but worth the panoramic view at the top.

Continue along the road and you’ll pass horses on your left, adding to the bucolic “feel” of your outing. Keep going straight and you will come to a cul-de-sac that has a dirt road heading out of it and into the woods, providing yet another pleasant jaunt.

If you go .8 miles on Route 77 (Guilford Road) and take a left onto Cream Pot Road, you will find yourself on a long road that is nothing but country, with a gravel road at the end of it that will take you into the woods.

You will not want to miss out on the view afforded by Lyman Orchards. Heading west, take your first left past Lyman Orchards onto Route 157, go .6 miles and turn right by the “Pick Your Own” signs. This will put you on a road that winds past fields and orchards and that takes you over rolling hills and past a pond. You’ll feel like you’re in God’s country. At the end of that road there’s a stop sign. Turning left or right puts you on Powder Hill Road, and delivers more of the same breathtaking sights.

No outing would be complete without a stroll down Miller Road. At the north end of Durham’s downtown, take a left by Citizens Bank onto Route 147, take your first right onto Cherry Hill Road, and in .5 miles turn left onto Miller Road. The colonial homes that dot the road give the feeling of having stepped back in time. There’s a huge weeping willow tree further down the road that will command your attention, and in spring, summer and fall, fields of ferns and goldenrod and wildflowers. And a brook that sings its way under a road hugged by stone “railings.” The hubbub of daily life is only a memory here.

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