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Weather wows for Durham Fair

There’s no beating around the bush. The Durham Fair should expect nothing but sunny skies and fantastic weather throughout the weekend event held at 24 Town House Road.

Rather than having to worry about poor temperatures, cloudy skies and potential downpours, all attendees of the Durham Fall Classic need only to worry about whether they fancy fried Oreos or not.

Throughout the weekend, fair gatherers can look forward to comforting temperatures and seemingly perfect fair weather, according to

Thursday looks to be a perfect starting day for Durham with a high of 69 degrees and a low of 53 degrees. While some may prefer warmer weather, the humidity will stay somewhere around 70 to 80 percent all day, allowing for more of the feel of a summer’s day. Despite the humidity, though, there are no chances of rain on that day.

Friday looks to provide fair goers with more of the same wonderful conditions. With an anticipated high of 68 degrees and a low of 51 degrees, the second day of the fair looks to be just as beautiful as the first. Similar levels of humidity and chance of precipitation as the day before will have return visitors thinking déjà vu.

The time of sunset between the first two days will also be very similar — shortly before 6:45 p.m. — allowing families plenty of time to see the sights before nighttime falls.

As for the weekend, nothing short of the word “perfect fall weather” can describe what’s in store for those attending the Durham Fair.

Saturday and Sunday both call for highs in the low 70s, allowing fans to alleviate themselves of the classic fall flannels for the weekend. While lows of 53 degrees and 56 degrees for each day respectively will have visitors searching for a sweatshirt by nightfall, the day itself will allow fair goers to leave the raincoats, goulashes, and umbrellas at home; the combined chance of precipitation for the whole weekend is 10% over the course of two days.

While the weather will be perfect for all of the weekend events, including the animal and truck pulls, various music concerts, and rides and attractions, it also provides families with a comfort knowing that they won’t have to worry about scattered showers, or torrential downpours.

In the past, the Durham Fair has seen plenty of rainy days that have both depleted the attendance numbers for the weekend, as well as the overall enjoyment for visitors. The grounds themselves have plenty of hills spread throughout, making for some unappealing water runoff in the past, depending on the amount of precipitation. Also, several parking lots have been closed early, or couldn’t be used at all, due to the dubious amounts of rain water.

Yet fans of the Durham Fall Classic will have nothing fear as the weekend draws close, as the weather for this year’s fair will allow for visitors of all ages to enjoy what they love most.

All weather information was used from via the website’s upcoming 10-day forecast.

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