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Durham Fair wins approval of town Republicans

At its Aug. 28 meeting, the Durham Republican Town Committee adopted a resolution (see below) in support of the Durham Fair Association that offers support for the officers and members of the association.

Town Committee chairman Robert Poliner said, “The committee members felt strongly that the fair association deserves its support. For years the fair has brought Durham people together, to work together, for worthy causes. The fair association has always managed its affairs in an honest and honorable way. Members of Durham organizations and other groups and citizens who have benefited from the fair or have enjoyed September weekends at the fair owe the fair association and its members a giant-sized thank you. I’m confident this year will be as enjoyable as the fairs of prior years…weather permitting.”


Whereas the Durham Fair Association, a volunteer organization, has sponsored the Durham Fair since 1916 and brought great praise to Durham, Connecticut and to

Durham’s citizens; and

Whereas the Durham Fair Association has been in the forefront of preserving Durham and Connecticut’s agricultural heritage and advancing education of both young and old

as to the benefits of agriculture and the proper care and maintenance of livestock and other animals; and

Whereas the Durham Fair Association has made numerous contributions, directly and indirectly, to other Durham organizations and has given thousands of dollars of

scholarships to local students;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Durham Republican Town Committee expresses its support for the directors, officers and members of Durham Fair Association and its

confidence in the decisions made this year as in other years to bring clean, wholesome programs and entertainment to the thousands of people expected to attend the 2013

Durham Fair; and

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Durham Republican Town Committee will proudly continue its tradition of active participation at the Durham Fair in 2013 as it has done in the past; and

BE IT RESOLVED That the Durham Republican Town Committee send a copy of this resolution to the Durham Fair Association.

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