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Cottle ready to coddle customers at Fire at the Ridge

Don’t worry, there isn’t a real fire at Power Ridge.

Fire at the Ridge is the name of Powder Ridge’s new restaurant, which will have Kevin Cottle at the helm as executive chef.

The restaurant will open its doors in December and will be located above the Powder Ridge lodge.

Cottle said he wants the restaurant to be a classy experience, but not over-the-top as far as prices go. The menu, he said, is secret for now, but dishes will include produce from local farms as well as local wines and beers – draught beers, he said, will be Connecticut-only. Cottle is also known for his adoration of seafood.

“Our goal is to keep everything a very New England kind of inspired menu,” Cottle said. “And we want to do that by involving as much Connecticut products as we can.”

A Cape Cod native, Cottle said he has been in Connecticut for seven years and has become familiar with what’s offered in the area in terms of gathering ingredients. Cottle’s resume also includes restaurants in Philadelphia, Boston, Colorado, and Connecticut. He is also known for appearing on the sixth season of Hell’s Kitchen, finishing as runner-up.

“It helped me kind of grow a little bit as an individual with standards,” he said of his experience on the show.

Cottle will also oversee food in the cafeteria area which will feature regular staples like chicken fingers and French fries.

Powder Ridge, located in Middlefield, is owned by Brownstone Exploration and Discover Park, slated to open in December.

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