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Catales adoption record tops 1,000 placements

Debi Bagley, the founder of Catales, Middletown, has adopted out over 1,000 cats since 1999. The organization get rescues from the Middletown Animal Control, which has no shelter or municipal pound, and so no place to put them. Cats that are not adoptable stay at Catales, and the call is put out for a sponsor. “Our goal is to adopt out 100 cats each year,” Bagley said, “and we almost always exceed that. In 2011, the number was 189 and last year it was 131. We’re at 56 right now. We currently have 30 kittens and at least 40 or 50 adults up for adoption.”

Here are two Catales rescue stories.

“This little girl needs a home,” Nancy Schultz said. She was looking at the picture of Grace, a tuxedo cat (the name comes from the black and white markings) who was up for adoption. It was the July 5 edition of Town Times, and the second time that Catales had run her picture. This turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Schultz and her husband, Mark, had lost their beloved cat, Kibby, who was also a tuxedo. “She disappeared last August,” Schultz said, “and part of me just couldn’t let go. Grace had been found by the Middletown Animal Control last November, treated by a vet for an injury, and turned over to Catales. I thought it was possible that this could be Kibby. When I compared their pictures, however, I knew it wasn’t her. I knew that this was the one, though, that she needed to come and live here.”

Grace, who is about six years old, came to the Schultz household on July 19. Though she was initially scared, she bonded with her “mom” almost immediately. “She is very sweet,” Schultz said, “and very loving. And curious to a fault. When my husband took off the covering of the floor vent in the living room, she got into the vent and got stuck because she’s so chunky. There was just her tail sticking out. We had to get our hands around her hips and yank her out.

“She’s very playful, and she’s shy, but if she feels secure, she’s fine. And she has this tiny voice that is not like a meow, but more like a little squeak. She answers me in it when I talk to her. I feel like I’m talking to a person and that she understands what I’m saying.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, you can add this reporter to Catales’ long list of happy clients. Six years ago I brought my tortoiseshell kitten, Dakota, home, and she has been the light of my life ever since. She’s 17 pounds of nothing but love. Not a mean bone in her body. She “talks” to me all the time, and tries to lick my face with her sandpaper tongue, and cuddles with me. She tugs on my hair when I’m sleeping, because she wants to play. She runs off with my paperwork and shreds it. Everything in life just fascinates her. For her, life really is a banquet.

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