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Brayshaw wins three-way first selectman’s race

In the municipal election held Nov. 5, Middlefield voters returned Jon Brayshaw to the first selectman’s office for his fifth term of office. Brayshaw defeated two challengers, the Democratic nominee Lucy Petrella and petitioning candidate Marianne Corona.

Officials announced unofficial results after polls closed at 8 p.m. on election day. Brayshaw, according to the unofficial results, finished with 789 votes, compared to Petrella’s 690 votes and Corona’s 140.

“I’m worn out. I’m exhausted, honored, humbled,” Brayshaw said after the election. Brayshaw, noting the number of elections he has been through, also said that this would be his final term.

In an interview with the Town Times before the election, Brayshaw said that one of the negatives of a three-way race was that the winner was unlikely to end with a majority of votes. “When you only have a two person race, the preponderance of voters voted for the first selectman,” Brayshaw said. “With three people, you don’t end up with a mandate.”

That turned out to be the case in this election. “Each year that I’ve won, I haven’t won by a landslide,” Brayshaw said.

It was the second time Petrella finished a close second to Brayshaw. In 2011, she lost to Brayshaw by 45 votes. This time the margin was 99.

In a statement the morning after the election, Petrella wrote, “I sincerely thank all those who supported me, who took their time to talk to me these last few weeks, and who shared their ideas and concerns. I am deeply disappointed with the outcome of the election. I hope that the people of Middlefield/Rockfall are well served for the next two years.”

Unlike Brayshaw and Petrella, Marianne Corona was at the Middlefield Community Center to hear the results. Corona kept a positive outlook after hearing the results, saying she looked around town and could see things she had been involved with. “I try to do what’s best for the town,” Corona said.

When asked, Corona said that the announced pay-off of the $500,000 Powder Ridge loan, announced just prior to the election, had an impact on the results. “Sure the pay-off had a big play in the election,” Corona said.

While saying the timing was not coordinated, Brayshaw agreed that the announced pay-off worked in his favor. “I would not deny it probably did [help]. It’s a good thing,” Brayshaw said.

Ed Bailey and Dave Burgess also won their seats on the Board of Selectmen by finishing with higher votes than Petrella, so the 2013-2015 BOS will be unchanged.

In other races, Donna Golub defeated Kathleen Kokoszka for town clerk.

The Republican ticket swept the Board of Finance race in unofficial results. Dave Lowry, Joel Nick, and Bob Yarmantino finished ahead of Laura Williams and Susan Heuberger, their two Democratic challengers. This will leave the BOF with an even split with three representatives from each party.

Mary Ann Zieminski (809 votes) defeated Ellen Waff (753 votes) for town treasurer. For the Board of Assessment Appeals, Nancy Curlin defeated Robert Liptak by 11 votes.

With the exception of Golub for town clerk, and Burgess taking the third selectman’s seat, the Republican candidates took all available offices in Middlefield.

According to election officials, of the 3,205 listed voters, 1,625 voted in Tuesday’s election.

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